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This 2-disc set contains the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries.

In 1990 Servant of God, Patrick Peyton (the Irish Rosary Priest) asked Dana if she could write a theme song for his ministry “The Family Rosary Crusade”. This request inspired Dana to compose a unique setting for the Rosary, the first of its kind, with sung prayers, spoken meditations and teachings, that would teach the Rosary to those who did not know it and refresh the Rosary for those who already prayed it.  

As it was near the end of Fr Peyton’s life, he gave his blessing for Fr Kevin Scallon CM, to take his place in this recording.  Fr. Scallon C.M. composed the beautiful meditations and teachings you will hear on this recording, he is also the founder of the “The Intercession for Priests” in Ireland, now a worldwide ministry.

Since the release of this Rosary recording it has touched millions of lives throughout the world. Countless people have shared the spiritual comfort, healing and gift of conversion they received as they prayed this prayer with Fr Kevin and Dana. Such is the power of the rosary!

Dana and Fr Kevin Scallon CM have dedicated this recording of The Rosary to the memory of Servant of God Patrick Peyton. His famous motto, ‘’The Family that prays together, stays together’’, was used to promote the Rosary as a powerful family prayer throughout the world. In turn, Dana and Fr Kevin Scallon C.M. have continued to promote the Rosary as a powerful family and personal prayer.

The millions of people who have heard this recording love it and are spiritually uplifted by it.

This recording contains all four mysteries on two CDs, for easy listening at home or when travelling. It has sold over 5 million copies to date

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Customer Reviews

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Eleanor Medeiros

Thank you for cd I use it daily

Michele Haverkamp

Love this CD

Tiffany G.
The Best!

I grew up with this as a cassette tape (which I still have) and now a cd. It is very contemplative and peaceful. I will pray the rosary with it before the kids rise, to start the day. Sometimes I also let it play very quietly in the background, so it becomes a soothing connection for my kids. Throughout my life it has provided an opportunity to rest in the arms of Mary and experience a daily encounter with Christ which gives me the strength to take on the challenges of each day.

Patricia DeMarco
Best Seller

This is our best selling "Rosary CD" in our store!

Elisabeth Frontino
Everyone should have this !!

So easy and relaxing … my thoughts and prayers form so naturally.