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Joseph's Song is a beautiful and powerful prayer to St Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus, the son of God. In this song, composed by Dana and her husband Damien,  we ask this humble Saint to pray for us,  so that like him, we might live a Spirit-filled life centered on Jesus.and  that we might to die a holy death. St Joseph Patron of the Universal Church pray for us. Available first time, Joseph's Song arranged for piano, vocal and  guitar chords.

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Sloppy sheet music writing.

Write it large enough for people to be able to see. It's in the Key of A, yet you have a bunch of G sharps that are played natural without being marked. The lyrics are so small that it takes a magnifying glass in one hand while trying to play with the other. Disappointed.

Elisabeth Frontino
Where’s the sheet?

I have not received any sheet music… you have sent a message of which I cannot use.. I have a phone.. no printer.. no computer.. I bought sheet music.. please mail me paper sheet music.. I want to use the song very soon… already missed my first opportunity… I have asked previously for you to send or respond and ????

St. Joseph's song

This song will touch your heart. It will inspire you to renew or begin a consecration to St. Joseph. Listen to it being sung by a young lady named Angelina. I believe she was 15 when she made a youtube video of this song.

Linda Bologna
Excellent sheet music!

We loved the sheet music! It was easy to follow for the piano and flute players, and for the singer as well. We adore the picture of Saint Joseph. I ordered this as a gift for my daughter and granddaughters. They were so excited to learn this song. It has always been one of my favorites because DANA sings it so beautifully. The sheet music and the CD are great to enjoy together. We are so thankful that DANA and Damien wrote this lovely tribute to Saint Joseph.

Hannah Masson
St. Joseph's Song

Beautifully written song!