Little Baby: Songs for Life - DANA

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The song “Little Baby” was written by Dana and her husband Damien for their unborn child, after a near miscarriage. This difficult experience was life-changing for them, as they realised there was much they needed to say to their baby in the womb and it eventually led them into active pro-life work, which has remained close to Dana's heart. This beautiful album of their pro-life songs includes; “Let Me Live", a loving conversation between an unborn child and its mother, where the child asks, “if you have to choose, choose me and let me live”.

"This Is My Body", is a powerful dialogue between a woman who has had an abortion, another who feels she must have an abortion and Jesus This is one of the most powerful and beautiful songs Dana has written. She did so at the request of Fr Frank Pavone of “Priests for Life” and it has his personal endorsement. To remind listeners that God’s love and forgiveness is always there for us, Dana has included “Ocean of Mercy”; a song inspired when Mother Angelica recounted the true story of how God taught her of the immensity of his forgiveness and Mercy. This live version was recorded for Mother Angelica on her birthday.

All those dedicated to protecting life at all its stages, from conception to natural death, will be truly inspired by this beautiful album.

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