Dana & Friends

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Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides upon the clouds; his name is the Lord, exult before him! ~ Psalm 68:4

In Dana and Friends, renowned vocalist Dana plays host to a unique assortment of Christian musicians who share their faith in song and conversation. Featuring such musicians as Sean Forrest, Susan Hookong-Taylor, Keith Moore and many others, this angelically attuned EWTN Home Video is a harmonious arrangment of talent and praise. So don't wait, pick it up, put it in and let the Lord touch your soul, as His name is lifted up in word and song.

3 Disc Set / Approximately 5 Hours

Join vocalist Dana as she plays host to a unique assortment of Christian musicians who share their faith, song and conversation in Dana & Friends Season II. Featuring artists such as Amy and Norm, Adrianne Price, Nancy Bodsworth, Aaron Thompson and Fr. Joe Hirsh, among many others, this EWTN Home Video showcases the joys of faith through the gift of song.

2 Disc Set / Approximately 5 Hours

Dana's lilting Irish saprano is known all over the world. In this EWTN Home Video collection of interviews and songs with talented catholic musicians, Dana's guests are a never-failing source of inspiration and family entertainment. Performers from Dana & Friends Season III include: The Daughters of St. Paul Choir, Brian Flynn, Randy Albright, Elyse O'Kane, Msgr. Eduardo Chavez, Martin Doman, Al Barbarino, Catherine Wiley and Inez.

4 Disc Set / Approximately 5 Hours

Region 1 DVD (USA / Canada / Bermuda)