Stations of the Cross - DANA & Fr. Kevin Scallon

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In making the Stations of the Cross, we accompany Jesus on His last journey to Calvary. This beautiful prayter centers on fourteen different representations, or stations. Traditionally, each Station contemplates a scene from Christ's final journey through either silent or spoken meditation and prayer. Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon CM, through powerful word and song, offer a beautiful interpretation of this wonderful meditation on the Passion and Death of our Savior. You might also like: The Rosary (Including the Luminous Mysteries) - Dana & Fr. Kevin Scallon, CM In Memory Of Me (A Rosary To Pray For Our Priests) - Dana & Fr. Kevin Scallon, CM The Chaplet of Divine Mercy - Dana & Damien Scallon The Rosary of Guadalupe - Dana & Msgr. Chavez Mother of Mercy: A Rosary of Healing - Dana & Fr. Kevin Scallon, CM

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Paula Nan

Soothing, moving, comforting, absolutely awesome. You can not go wrong ...Thank you for making available digitally...

Susan McFarland

I am missing a cd you charged me for and i wanted cd's of the rosary tape not mp3 downloads i can't sell to my customers

Hi Susan. We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your order. I have checked and can see that when you placed the order, you accidentally selected the MP3 download version of The Rosary instead of the CD version. My colleague has already credited the MP3 order and created a new order for the CDs, which will be dispatched as soon as possible..

Patrice Traeger
A technical production distraction throughout the entire recording....

Between each and every beautiful segment (station of the cross, with lovely music and heartfelt commentary/prayer) there are 2 or 3 second breaks in the recording where sound cuts off completely--several moments of complete silence--that totally distract from one's concentration and emotional involvement in the meditations, prayers and music. Is this unaesthetic method of separating the segments of the stations of the cross with dead silence a deliberate choice? It's awful. I do not recommend this CD for that reason.

Chris Cugini
A must listen for Lent

I have used this album for the last 3 Lenten season. It is a calming album that helps you to reflect on the final moments of our Lord's life. As a young man, I yearn for beautiful music that allows me to pray and spend time with Jesus. If you are looking for that too, then you need this album!